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Powder Horn and Priming horn set. Priming horn
has a brass valve that throws about 3 gr. ffff
$105.00 Item # MP 101

Custom Made Buffalo (Bison) Powder Horns and Bags.
The bags are made with buffalo leather and are hand sewn.Please allow 1-2  weeks for deliveries. I will use Elk or Moose hide if you prefer. Just send a email and let me
know Thanks
If you make a purchase of a powder horn with Paypal please send a email letting me know if you want a left or right hand twist.
Sales to the USA and Canada only
All of these powder horns are hand made with Buffalo  horns.
 We will make you a powder horn with steer horn if you prefer.
Set with both horns
fit with brass fittings
$105.00 Item # MPB 102

The horns average from 9"- 13" and are hand finished.
Turned hardwood plugs. The horns fill from the spout. If you want a horn that fills from the base I can make a plug with brass treads that will unscrew or use brass plugs.
I make The powder horns  with carved spouts or plain. Also with wide straps made with buffalo leather.The horns have left or right hand twist  and straight .

                        Different styles to choose from.

Horn with wide strap cut
from buffalo leather
$85.00 Item # WS 103

Priming horn
$25.00 Item # PH 105


Horn with brass fittings.
item # BF 102

Plain powder horn thin strap
$85.00 item # PL 109

Bison horn with brass tacks and Plugs. The spout is treaded And can be changed with different sizes. The powder horns average 12-13 inches outside edge when finished.Item # BTK $ 95

Powder measures made from A tip of horn. Please specify 50, 75, or 90 gr. Custom sizes available by request, please call 719-473-3763. Item# PM $ 10.95